Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another reason why the G.O.P. makes me friggin' angry

This picture was sent out by a staffer at the Tennessee G.O.P. Here's the story


It purports to be a chart of American Presidents.

Do we believe that racism is dead in these United States?

Do you understand why I am pissed off at the G.O.P.?

Do you remember in which State the Revd. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assasinated?

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  1. How disgusting! I hadn't heard this yet. Thanks for putting it on my radar. So far, it appears the aide has not been fired, though Senator Black has issued an apology. While I hate for anyone to lose their job in this economy, I can't imagine why the woman who sent this offensive e-mail was not immediately terminated. It does lead one to believe that the GOP somehow tacitly approves of the racist content of such slanderous and outrageous e-mails, when they do not take swift and appropriate action to punish the offender.

    How very, very sad.