Monday, 13 July 2009


Today I called Comcast (my Internet Service/and Cable T.V. provider), to request an additional Cable TV outlet on my Lanai.

‘Tis true that I rarely watch T.V., but having been given a T.V. set I thought that an outlet on the Lanai would be at least useful for my guests.

A youngish man named Lance fielded my call.

He could see my name on his computer screen, and after I had made my request he asked:

“Are you the Michael Povey who used to preach in Pittsfield?

I confessed that was the case.

Then both he and I got goose-bumps. It transpired that he was Lance Larosa, who (then a High School kid) attended St. Stephen’s in Pittsfield with his pal Michael Wheelock, back in the late 90’s when I was Rector there.

This is a small and strange world.

It’s strange because of all the SRQ Comcast workers, my call was received by Lance.

It’s strange because he was encouraged to ask the question when he thought that he not only knew my name, but that he also recognized my voice.

It’s strange because we have each washed up in Sarasota.

Lance moved here in 2000 (I think), shortly after I left Pittsfield for Cambridge.

Lance had nice things to say about my ministry in Pittsfield, and about my St. Stephen’s curate, Manny Faria.

He also has good memories of St. Stephen’s Parishioner Bill Frazier, a former Guidance Counselor at Pittsfield High School.

Such a small world!

Lance (now 27) lives down in North Port. He and I will get together soon.

He (and his wife) may even come to hear me preach at St. Margaret’s in Sarasota this Sunday.

Isn’t this a “goosebumpy” story!


  1. What a great story and who knows how God may use that coincidence to bring some more light into this young man's life.

  2. I still think it is a great coincidence that you have settled in Sarasota. and that you now are more in my life than my mothers or previous mother in law. You were in their lives for many years, now it's my turn. Lori Uhrig

  3. I can name at least 10-15 people from my '85 to '98 years at St. Stephens that I would recognize by voice even though I haven't seen many of them in almost 20 years, but yours is the easiest by far.