Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Scary Man

In the “olden days” they said that the “Scary Man” would:

Kill you
Rape your wife and daughters
Murder your sons
Steal your property and burn your house down

In “modern times” they say that the “Scary Man” will:

Euthanise your Granny
Dispose of your mentally or physically handicapped child
Base health care on eugenics
Rule by “Diktat” as did H-tler

I have a few innocent questions.

(1) What do the olden times Scary Man and the modern times Scary Man have in common?

(2) Who are they? Why do they say such things?

I am just asking.

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  1. Thanks Michael. Who would have thought that you would have posted the conversation we had after church the day before. Now I know where you are. RKar