Monday, 3 August 2009

We're not just screwin', we're doin' -- (and we, like you, aint doin' much screwin')!!!

Just in case you thought that all Episcopalians were do nothing more than searching the musty closets in our Churches and Parish Halls, to drag out gay and lesbian people and force them to become Priests - it ain’t so!

You won’t read it in the press or see it on fundamentalist blogs/websites - but here is what we are doing these days.

We are praying.

We are studying the Bible.

We are rejoicing when folks who join us, turn to Christ and confess him and Lord and Saviour. (That’s in our Prayer Book you know).

We are trusting God: "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" as the ancient creeds have expressed this.

We are feeding the hungry.

We are working to build houses, clinics, schools in many lands.

We are enabling care, medication, and healing to thousands upon thousands of men, women and children who are HIV + (particularly in Africa).

We are working for racial equality and reconciliation.

We are visiting prisoners and working for their educational and spiritual welfare.

We are helping to take care of battered women, and abandoned children.

We are breaking the bread and sharing the cup as most Christians have done for well night 2,000 years.

We are either hosting or running a thousand and one feeding programs.

We are working with "inner City" children at risk.

We are sending hundreds upon hundreds of youth on mission trips in the USA and in Mexico, Central America and South America.

We are singing some of the best music ever written.

We are taking care of frightened and lonely Christians in hospitals and nursing homes.

We are loving homeless people, and working with them to make their lives better.

We are ministering to men and women in the Armed Forces.

And then there is Sunday/Church School, Youth Groups. (Not to mention youth as a vital part of our services).

And the list goes on.

Read it here if nowhere else. Episcopalians are believing, living, and proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(And we have the best parties!)

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  1. I love the post. I love the picture even more -- is that you skydiving?? Retirement must be great. Here's to the Pension Fund.