Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A darned good sandwich

I first encountered this sandwich at Samel’s Deli on Elm Street in Pittsfield MA. There it was called “The New Englander”.

You’ll need good bread. Whole wheat is fine, multi-grain is better.

( Target “Super Stores” sell a terrific multi-grain bread).

As a spread I use good Dijon mustard, but other prefer mayonnaise.

If you live in the American south, do be sure to use “Duke’s” mayo - it is simply the best.

The fillers are:

1. Turkey Breast. (Winn-Dixie stores in the south have excellent rotisserie turkey breast – it actually tastes like turkey!)

2. Sliced cheese. I recommend good sharp Cheddar, but sliced Swiss is also good – just so long as the cheese you choose is real cheese (not a “cheese-product”), and has a “tangy” flavor. “Publix stores” have a good range of sliced and real cheeses.

3. Thin slices of peeled “Granny Smith” apple.

4. Maybe a leaf or two of Romaine lettuce.

If you are not in Target/Duke’s Mayo/ Winn-Dixie/Publix territory then:-

make sure that you have good bread;
that the turkey breast tastes like turkey;
that you use the best mustard or mayo;
and that the cheese tastes like cheese.

I trust that the crucial ingredient - Granny Smith apple – is available wherever you live. Slice it thinly – maybe a quarter of an inch thick.

Eat the sandwich at lunch with a friend or family member.

Your post eating comments are welcome.

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