Saturday, 31 October 2009

Newtown, Sarasota

Few people remember that Florida was a slave State, and later a segregationist State.  
Segregation was pervasive in Sarasota.   The district known as Newtown bears witness to this. It is a majority black American district.    
Many whites, gripped with a racism which they do not understand or acknowledge, are “scared” to be in Newtown.  They believe that it is an area of high crime .  
Statistics of criminality would prove them wrong    
The incidence of crime in all of Sarasota is not great.  
Newtown has no more and no less crime than other parts of the City.    
But whites are never impressed with mere statistics.  They have already decided that crime is rife in black areas.     
I spent some time in Newtown this morning.  My purpose was to photograph some of Newtown’s Churches. It’s a cool part of town.  

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