Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Parish, St. Boniface keeps door open Woot woot!

My Rector's letter to the Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper

St. Boniface keeps door open


Regarding the news that the "Vatican welcomes disaffected Anglicans," note that the Archbishop of Canterbury says this is "business as usual." Anglicans and Roman Catholics have been swapping pews for hundreds of years, and on our side we've been enriched by the many thoughtful and courageous clergy and laypersons who have moved to the Episcopal Church from Rome.

The historical struggle of Christianity to get it right has meant that all denominations, especially the Roman Catholic Church, have been "wracked by years of conflict over the interpretation of Scripture" the media ascribe to the modern Anglican Communion. It energizes the whole church to be aware that this is an interesting moment in history.

St. Boniface will keep open its welcome center for people who remain inquisitive about Scripture and think that women and gay people are created in the image of God and worthy of leadership in the church.

The Rev. Edward Copland


The author is rector of St. Boniface Episcopal Church in Sarasota.

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