Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cats and God/Love


My cats look as though they are sisters. Each is jet black with nary a spot of white. Each has those charming yellow green eyes.

They are not from the same litter. Ada, the “Senior Cat” as I call her, is a couple of years older that Adelaide, the “Junior Cat”.

I am learning from them.

Adelaide is a prowler. She is always on the move, looking for something – I know not what.

When I try to pick her up she runs away from me, and we have great fun as I follow her around the house. If I manage to grab her she is more than amenable to a dose of TLC.

Ada is a sleeper. She spends most of her day perched on the back of the sofa. Every now and then she will venture forth to eat, or to use her litter box. But mostly she hangs around, hoping that I will caress or stroke her as I pass her perch.

‘Tis a bit like me and God, or Love, or whatever you call it.

If God/Love chases after me a la Adelaide then I will run and hide. “Leave me alone” is my song.

But sometimes when I am simply hanging around a la Ada, God/Love will caress/hug/stroke me in passing

That’s why I go to Church.

Oft times Church is boring, ridiculous, dull or silly.

But once in a while when I simply hang around in Church, I am aware of God/Love.

Of course that can happen in other places.

But I have found out what Ada already knows. It is when she hangs around on her favourite perch that she is most likely to be caressed. It is when I hang around with God’s people in Church that I am most likely to receive the caress of God’s love.

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