Saturday, 17 October 2009

Racism, bread and libraries, the universe, and gratitude

1. Racism

Be very suspicious when any person says “I am not racist”.

Firstly: statements such as that often follow a racially dubious statement.

Secondly: it’s probably true that many or most of us have racist ideas, thoughts or sentiments.

The “big issue” is how we deal with those thoughts, ideas and sentiments.

2. Bread and libraries

Sarasota has great bread (see yesterday’s blog).

It also has a fabulous Library system. I am using it more and more.

The main Library (the Selby Library in downtown SRQ) has this note on the entrance doors:

“Please enjoy your food and beverage before entering the library. Bottled water is permitted. Thank you for helping us keep the library materials, computers and carpets clean.”

What a nice way of expressing things!

3. The Universe

I washed my ceramic tiled kitchen floor today.
I mean, really washed it.
First I swept.
Nest I dry mopped to pick up pet hairs.
Finally I washed it.

Later in the day I dropped a bottle of olive oil on said floor.

I spent the next hour muttering “the Universe is malevolent”.

4. Gratitude

The Rector of All Angels on Longboat Key FL, David D-nner, and his wife Wafa D-nner invited me for dinner last evening.

Also at the table were friends of the Danner’s, Lazlo and Elaine D-me.

I am English by birth.
David is American.
Wafa is Palestinian by birth.
Lazlo is Hungarian - he was one of those who escaped after the failed 1956 Hungarian uprising. Elaine is of Lebanese descent - from a Druze background.

We had great food (thank you Wafa), and the most energizing, lively and interesting conversation.

What a blast – an Englishman, an American, a Palestinian, a Hungarian, and a Lebanese – each bringing memory, heritage and life experience to the table.

For Druze see

(being appropriately cautious of Wiki entries)

For Salmagundi see

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