Friday, 20 November 2009

Explaining a rose

I went down to Sarasota's bay front today to take some photo's of our annual exhibition of sculpture.

Most of the works are abstract, a real challenge to those for whom the most accessible sculpture is  realistic, i,e, that which depicts  kings, animals, saints, beautiful women, and angels etc.  Such sculpture seems to be self-explanatory: thus we do not seek for "meaning"

Abstract sculptures confuse us, especially  if we believe that all art must have an immediate and obvious meaning.

"Meaning" is not a terribly helpful concept as we encounter art.  A sense of "appreciation" may be more helpful.

(I believe that the same is true in the world of G-d, religion, the bible etc.  In our response to the holy,
appreciation may be more fruitful than meaning.)

After all (as some famous person once said) "who can explain a rose?".

It is in that spirit that I offer these photo's which I took today (20th November 2009)

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