Sunday, 15 November 2009

Pittsfield MA Two of the best

Every now and then I check the Berkshire Eagle, a daily newspaper which is based in Pittsfield, MA, a city in which I lived for 16 years.

The Saturday 14th November 2009 issue included obituaries for two men I knew well, and well respected.

Russ Bousquet and his wife Jean lived across from me for the 15 years in which I lived on Waverly Street.

They were the finest people and the kindest neighbours that one could hope to meet.  We shared a love of gardening and they were delighted when I began to improve my front and back yards which has been neglected for a few years.  Russ spent his life doing good for other people, and inspiring them to do even more good.

Herb Fishman and his wife Ceil were amongst the finest of many fine people at Congregation Knesset Israel.  Their devoted practice of mitzvah led them to be the first of many Jewish people who served at St. Stephen’s Table -  a community meal in the Church where I was Rector.  Herb was a big man with a big heart.

I am grateful for the ways in which these men enriched my lives.  Here are their obituaries.

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