Friday, 22 January 2010

I am happy...

… because my two cats are so very beautiful.

…. because my dog is intensely loyal to me, and because she loves to walk. She flirts with every person we pass. If I were in the market to marry an elderly widow, my dog would be quite the “chick magnet”. (Excuse sexist language please!)

….. because I have such good friends, three of them had dinner at my home tonight. I was there too, and we ate my home-made lamb and barley soup, with an orange and beet salad, followed by pecan pie topped with Devonshire cream!  (The real thing, imported from Devonshire)

…..because in retirement I have time and opportunity for educational and cultural enrichment - a lecture last Tuesday at New College of Florida, an organ recital on Wednesday at St. Boniface Church, a juried art show last evening at the Sarasota Art Centre (with two of my friends exhibiting their work).

My happiness leads to gratitude.

Recipe for orange and beet salad:

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