Saturday, 23 January 2010

Muslim and Christian Fundamentalists - peas in a pod.

Fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians have so much in common.

Both believe that their scriptures, the Koran or the Bible, are without error.

Both are willing to give total religious authority to a leader – an Imam or a Minister.

Both believe that humans should submit to the will of God without question.

Both have no truck with human reason, and are skeptical about science (or reject it outright).

Both believe in exclusively male leadership, and that women should be subservient to men.

Both believe themselves to be the only true, authentic, and genuine expression of their faiths, and despise those (either) muslims (or) christians who are not fundamentalist.

Both believe that this human life is nothing more than a dress rehearsal or preparation for the real thing: -  life in paradise or heaven.

Both are utterly opposed to freedom of thought by individuals.

Both believe that human governments should be theocracies, governed only from the precepts and commands of their scriptures.

Both welcome martyrdom as a sign of authentic faith.

Christians believe that Jesus is God’s final word to the world.  Muslims believe that Mohammed is God’s final word to the world.

Although they may use differing words and theologies the end product is the same.  Muslim and Christian fundamentalists are infantilized by their submission to absolutes.  Neither is able to move from infancy into the glorious questioning of adolescence, or into the mature and exciting arguments of adulthood.

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  1. Extreemly well put, a solid statement that is hard to ignore. Kind of what I have thought for a long time but could not put into words.