Tuesday, 2 February 2010

KIPPERS God's gift enhanced by human skill.

My good pal Ben, though American born, has spent many a month in the United Kingdom.  There he learned to enjoy “kippers” (cold smoked herring).  Ben has often lamented that it is impossible to purchase a good kipper in these United States.

True enough our local British Food stores (yes there are two in SRQ) can provide kippers, but the ones they sell are miserable little fillets, shrink wrapped with butter, and frozen. 

  To eat them is like hearing your great-uncle singing an opera aria whilst Placido Domingo is in concert at a local concert hall.  “Close, but no cigar” as we would say in the U.S.A.

I’ve been determined to get some real kippers for Ben (and me!) to celebrate his complete recovery after breaking two bones in his ankle.

Thanks to the web I was able to find an American purveyor of genuine British kippers.  I ordered a small supply with instructions that it should be delivered to Ben this a.m.  (I’d said not a word to Ben!)  Unfrozen, they were to be Fed-exed overnight. (The mailing charge was higher than the cost of the kippers!)

The kippers arrived today as ordered, and gave Ben a delightful surprise.  Of course he invited me to share them at lunch today.

“Good Lord above!”  Ben and I feasted on whole (Scottish smoked) kippers, with the traditional poached egg, and good crusty bread. We savoured each bite.

Ben was left with two whole kippers and he says that he will eat them quarter by quarter over the next eight days!

Never let it be said that Britain offers no gustatory delights!

I bought the kippers from

(Use the search option to find and order kippers)

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