Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nik Wallenda, Lee Karen Stow, and Rick Floyd. A Trifecta - today, yesterday and the other day

In Sarasota today.

(I’ll see Nik Wallenda at Circus Sarasota -  an old fashioned non-showbiz circus -  on Feb 21st 2010.)     

At St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL last night.

Lee Stow is from Kingston upon Hull (a.k.a. Hull), Yorkshire, U.K.   She is working to empower the women of Sierra Leone (a country that is poorer than even Haiti) with photography.

See these gorgeous women in “The Women of Sierra Leone”.  Also check out “Kroo Bay” to see the ghastly Shanty Town in which some of the women live.

A couple of the Sierra Leone women have exhibited their work in the U.K.    You will see one slide of a woman who was out of doors when it snowed in Yorhshire-  she had never before seen snow! Another slide shows a Sierra Leonean woman trying on a wedding gown in Hull.  She was shocked when she was told its price.

Do a Google search on Lee Karen Stow to find out more about her work.

In  Pittsfield MA, just the other day.

My former colleague, Rick Floyd shares his recipe for the best pot-roast ever!

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