Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bi-pedal experts

Many of us suffer from back pain. Maybe this is because evolution prepared us to be quadrupeds, but we decided to be bipeds.

Bipeds are skilled at running marathons, driving cars, and taking beloved canines for a walk. They are also well equipped to handle weapons.

Bipeds are also afflicted with frequent back pain.

That pain is bad enough.

But it is compounded by the slew of advice as to how to deal with it from friends, neighbours, work-mates and casual acquaintances.

All of a sudden these folks become experts regarding back pain.

In case you are wondering ... ... my back is fine!

But I am utterly jaded and cynical with regard to all manner of “experts” whose wisdom is touted in the press, on radio and T.V. and on the World Wide Web.

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