Sunday, 25 April 2010

It truly is as simple as this.

In his April 18th 2010 sermon at St. John’s Church, Williamstown, the Revd. Peter Elvin said this:

“And I have one more thing to say about Chloe, hoping it will give you a sense of the young woman I have been coming to know, and expecting that this may help pave the way for her later in this service. I met with her on Wednesday, to walk through the rite of baptism, and when we came to a moment when the Prayer Book directs me to ask her, “Do you desire to be baptized?” I found I had an urge (I resisted it at first, but decided to trust it) to follow her affirmative answer with another question: “Why?” When I shared that fragment of fantasy with her, she pretty much replied, “Okay.” And so, at the time when announcements usually happen, Chloe will tell us why.”

Chloe,who is  a 22 year old Williams College senior said this at the announcement time, in response to the question “Why (do you wish to be baptised)?

“When you wake up one morning and are aware of divine love, and know that it has always been there, what else is there to do?”

It truly is as simple as that!

(Chloe - who is awesomely cool - verified the accuracy of my scribbling down of her words, and gave me permission to use them in this blog)

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