Monday, 24 May 2010


Last Saturday my blog began with these words: “I have ten nephews. They are all good guys.” 

My dear friend Paula J. in Cincinnati OH suggested that these could be the opening words of a novel.

Another friend, Sally C. in North Redington Beach, FL ventured that the words were suggestive of a limerick.

So I tried this:  (n.b.  the last word is pronounced reh-fuse not ree-fuse.)

"There once was a priest with ten nephews

Who oft thought that he was a fine muse.

When he scribbled a ditty

Those lads voiced no pity

But said: “trash, and rubbish, and refuse”

Dear Jane D in Greenfield, MA was much more creative.  Here is what she penned:

"Father Michael was Uncle to ten,
All hearty and healthy young men.
He loved them to pieces,
But what about nieces?
All roosters, and never a hen?"

Jane is the winner!


  1. Michael: I suspect that you are having a wonderful retirement... Your postings are full of humor, thoughtful perspective, and sometimes real glimpses of yourself... Peace, little brother. Jane

  2. Jane clearly wins by a mile,
    We really do like her style,
    Now should this be crude,
    Or a little bit rude?
    That really could bring a smile!