Friday, 25 June 2010

Bizzare,and then Beautiful.

Those who know me well also know that I have vivid dreams, which I most often remember.
Last night was no exception.
My first remembered dream was bizarre. In the dream I was with a very lovely young woman with gorgeous blonde hair.  She was so sad.  She told me that her friends had said that “she was a crocodile”. In the dream I held her close and assured her that she was not a crocodile.  But I could not convince her.
Later in last night’s dream world I was in a Church. There I listened to a soprano who was singing a tune which I thought to be entirely and utterly beautiful.
This second dream repeated itself.  But this time around, there were others with me.  We all began to sob at the sheer beauty of the voice, and of the song.  I was sobbing in my sleep.
Who the hell knows the “meaning” of such dreams?  My best guess is that my unconscious was sorting out two themes:  first that which is destructive in my life viz “the crocodile”; second that which is creative in my life viz “the song of beauty”
I suspect that most humans live in a tension between the destructive and the creative.  I recognise both impulses in my own life.
Soon I will sleep again.  I’d love to dream again of the beautiful song which made me cry in last night’s dream.

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