Thursday, 24 June 2010

"Sex and Religion": random thoughts as I walked today.

Religious ardour and sexual desire are closely linked.

Sexuality and spirituality are next door neighbours in the human soul.

We use the same words for both spirituality and sexuality, viz; passion, coldness, longing, desire, faithfulness, unfaithfulness, committed, casual, duty, joy.

Sexuality is a gift from God. It is a gift to be treasured, and therefore to be enjoyed wisely..

Spirituality is a human response to God. It is an attitude to be matured.

Un-treasured sexuality and immature spirituality are signposts towards danger in the Christian community.

Parishioners have crushes on their pastors. (These parishioners often have immature spiritualities).

Pastors have affairs with parishioners. (These pastors often have un-disciplined sexualities). 

Priests who molest children often have rigid spiritualities, and retarded sexualities.

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