Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Prayer at Resurrection House

Wednesday mornings see me at Resurrection House ( the day shelter for homeless people here in SRQ ) to lead a prayer service.  I keep it very simple, and I never preach. Homeless people are “preached at” all too often.

We start with a bit of scripture, usually a verse, or half a verse.  We say it out loud four times, then we have a couple of minutes of silence during which meditate on the verse.  Folks then come to the altar, and light a candle, with silent or spoken prayer.  We end with the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and a blessing.

The group was very weepy today.  There was so much sadness. Two worshipers were mourning the recent deaths of their respective parent; another had just received the news that her cancer is un-treatable.  A very wise homeless man gently hugged a young man whose mental illness was causing him, to be very restless and afraid.   

I say very little.  I smile a lot.  I utter loud “Baptist” Amens as my friends pray.  I leave always with a “cup” half filled with sadness and half-filled with joy.

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