Friday, 29 October 2010

As I walk out (4)

Two wheel chairs, and a walker.

B. is an ever smiling octogenarian.  His chief means of mobility is an electric wheel-chair.  He sets out most days in the chair as he takes his lovely Welsh terrier for a walk.  He has urged me to draw nearer, even as he assured me that his dog was a “sweetheart and a lover”.

In due course I was able to convince him that my Penne is also a sweetheart and a lover, but that she is totally afraid of other dogs.
So these days B. and I exchange an enthusiastic wave and a hearty greeting even as we allow our dogs to keep their distance.

R. also uses an electric wheel chair.  It belongs to her husband who needs it to “get around”.   

R. is well able to walk, but she uses in the wheel chair at a fast clip, so that her four Sheep-dogs can get a vigorous work out.  She holds on to four leashes, as the four dogs trot in unison.

They are the most gorgeous and well behaved dogs imaginable.  It is a joy to see them with R.

The story/rumour is that R. was a dog trainer for a circus.  That seems more than likely.  The sight of her four trotting dogs is a joy.

C. is a walker,  i.e.  she does not need a “walker” (“zimmer” in England), but she walks every day with great intensity and a fine pace.   

She and I had a brief “on the fly” conversation a few years ago.  Her accent betrayed her origins.  She was clearly from Boston!

So we rejoice or commiserate depending on the success or failure of the Boston “Red Sox”. They have just completed a less than stellar year.

That’s too bad, but we have rejoiced in a silver lining.   

The dreaded “New York Yankees” did not advance to the Baseball World Series this year. 
We can live with Red Sox failures well enough, but we positively gloat when the Yankees also fail.

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