Monday, 1 November 2010

Fleas fled

Earlier this year I had a battle with fleas.  They invaded my home.  They were relentless in their attacks on my dog and cats.

None of the chemical cures (“Front-line”, and whole house spraying) were effective, even after I had thrown out Penne’s bed and two carpets,  each of which were presumed to harbour flea eggs.

It was only after my dog-trainer neighbour, Randi, gave me a “natural” remedy that the fleas hopped off elsewhere.  They have not returned in as many as six months.

I decided today that Penne deserved a new bed, so I bought one.

I donated her temporary bed (a folded up bed-spread) to the cats.

It is clear that Penne “loves” her new bed, and that the cats like their pre-owned bed.

I’ll send you the natural anti-flea recipe upon request.  It truly works!

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