Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Post election. Yes, Mr. President.

Yes Mr. President.

Come 2011 the House of Representatives will be dominated by the G.O.P.  (Greedy Oligarchs Party).

The Senate will have a DEM majority (Dismal, Enervated, Milquetoast Party).

Thank heavens we shall still have our excellent and wise President.  He has a good mind which he puts to good use.  He is mercifully unflappable. 

Thankfully he is possessed with neither the braggadocio of George Bush, nor the lack of personal discipline of Bill Clinton.   

His is a calm presence in a wild political season. 

His is the voice of moderation midst the clamour of un-reason.

President Barack Obama ran for office on the slogan of “Yes WE can”. 

He did not say “I can”.

He did not say “the Democrats can”.  

 He said “Yes, WE can”.

Sadly the Republicans and the “Blue-Dog” Democrats chose not to be part of the WE, even though he led from the centre.  Instead they chose to oppose him at every turn. 

In his fine press conference today the President again indicated that he will work with both Republicans and Democrats to do what can be done (politics is the art of the possible) for the good of our nation.

If only the new Congress will understand that just as our foundational document begins with the words “WE the people”;  so they will serve us all best if they place the word “WE”  before and instead of all party, factional and sectarian vested interests.   

“WE” deserve no less.

Yes indeed Mr. President. “WE CAN!”

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