Monday, 3 January 2011

Cats, Dog. Me and God

Ada, my senior cat, is so gentle and sweet.  She eats well and sleeps a lot. She loves to be near me.  If I allowed it she would sleep on my bed, with her little head resting on my outstretched hand. Should I give her no more than a “wink and a nod” she will jump up onto my lap and snuggle in,  ready for each and every caress.

Junior cat Adelaide is a non-stop prowler.  She wanders around my home from dawn to dusk seeking I know not what.  She is also a “whiner” and issues frequent and insistent miaows, (not meows!).  She will often walk very near to me, but if I reach out a hand to smooth her, she will run away.   But sometimes she is close enough for me to seize her (I have to be quick!). Just as soon as I have plonked her on to my lap she ceases her miaowing, and purrs with delight as I massage her ears.

Penne the dog is anxious to please me.  When we are in the house she checks up on me about every thirty minutes.  When we walk out she frequently looks up at me, seeking (I think) my encouragement and re-assurance that she is a “very good dog”.

There is a bit of Ada, Adelaide, and Penne in me.  I see this in my interactions with other people, and in my inconsistent relationship with “G-d/The Holy One/The mystery of our being/ The evolutionary process” - whatever you call it.  I’ll leave you to figure that out.

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