Sunday, 2 January 2011

Oh my!

Oh my!  I had it fixed firmly in my mind that the party yesterday was for Muriel’s 80th birthday ---   don’t ask me why.

A couple of time at the party she insisted that she was but 74, but I thought that she was being coy about her real age.
In my defence (?) -  I remind folks that eighty is the new sixty!

Of course, the real reason for my mistake is that I have only two ‘O’ levels.  That’s why I make so many mistakes over and over again.  (There’s a bit of a private joke between Muriel and I there).

It was a wonderful party.  Muriel had this to say about it:
I celebrated my 74th [NOT 80th!!] birthday in grand style yesterday--wined,dined AND serenaded by the incomparable 'Brit Birthday Bashers"--British humour at its best!
Thank you one and all for your wonderful birthday wishes, be they expressed in person,by telephone or online.You truly made this birthday one I shall never forget!

Muriel is famous for her hats

So I borrowed a hat to help celebrate her birthday

Michael, Andrew, Sue, and Jack sing to Muriel

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