Saturday, 12 February 2011

Labels and a Cod-piece

Those labels!

1. On a carton of whipping cream: “Contains Milk”  (you don’t say!)

2. On the packing of an ink cartridge: “Designed For Excellence”, AND “Better Products For a Better Future”, AND “Epson Exceeds your Vision” (I cannot imagine how I survived all these years without Epson!)

3. On a pack of cigarettes: “Craftsmanship is in everything we do at Doral”  (Yeah for those good old fashioned cigarette craftsman.)

4. “Over the top” on a box of Publix brand tissues:  “Publix Facial Tissues are soft enough for the tenderest nose, yet strong enough to handle the mightiest sneeze. Rely on them to be there for you when times are tough, from tears to smears to stuffy snuffles”.  (Block that prose please - for goodness sake they are simply tissues.)

But to move from the ridiculous to the amusing.

Anne Hyde, the first wife of the Duke of York, (later to be King James II of England), not only managed his financial affairs, but she also influenced his political activities.  She was “in charge” so to speak.

Samuel Pepys
wrote in his diary : “The Duke of York, in all things but his codpiece, is led by the nose by his wife”.  (The Duke was well renowned for his frequent infidelities).

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