When Dad was fined in a Magistrates Court ( and other trivia)

“Guilty as charged”.  Much to his disappointment, Dad could not enlist in the army for World War II because he was blind in one eye. (He might have been “called up” in the event that Herr Schicklgruber  had come walking down our street).

So, during the war, Dad worked as a plumber for a local jobbing builder Ernie Cox,(who would be an important man in our family life later on).

One evening, Dad left a light on in the firm’s workshop, breaking the strict black-out laws.  He was hauled before the local Magistrate and fined.


In the late 1940’s Mum used to shop at the Co-operative Society’s grocery store on Greenbank Road.  Despite strict rationing, one of the shop assistants would always cut off a couple of bits of cheese for my sister and me.  (The cheese was cut from a real cheese wheel, using a wire cutter which would have been strong enough to strangle a grown man.

Later on I asked Mum about this.  Turns out that the assistant wanted to have an affair with her, so he tried to win her heart (or her body) by giving cheese to her twin children!


I drove down to “Geier’s Sausage Kitchen” ( http://www.geiers-sausage.com/index.php ) today.  Even though I’ve lived in SRQ since June 2006, I’d never before shopped there.  I wanted to spend a fortune, everything looked so good.

I contented myself with some “Milka” chocolate; with a tin of Richter brand Herring Fillets in an herb and garlic sauce (imported from  Germany); a tub of Herring in a curry cream sauce (imported from Canada), and some ”Hessischen” Ham (which tastes so darn good, and is NOT loaded with water).

My “foodie” consciousness is growing week by week!


My dog sometimes takes more time seeking for the exact spot on which to poop than some humans take to find a life partner.


  1. So, J. Michael Povey comes from a long line of hardened criminals. That explains so much :-)


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