Thursday, 31 March 2011

A priest "parties" in Lent

We are still in the Church season of Lent, a time for prayer, reflection, and fasting. 

 I used to be horribly pious about this. Not just pious, but also quite self righteous.  Forgive me please!  

 Now that I am growing up I am also “letting go”.  So I was pleased to accept an invitation to a party which took place last night. 

 (“A party in Lent?”:-   please do not tell anyone of the four Bishop to whom I report [three in Massachusetts, one in Florida]  of my abject failure!). 

 The party was for Jerry who was celebrating his 75th birthday.  I like Jerry and his (male) partner Dell very much.  But we are not close friends so I was tickled pink to be on the guest list.

 Jerry and Dell live on Tanglewood Drive, here in Sarasota.  I had always thought that this was a plain and ordinary road, filled with plain and ordinary houses. But as I drove south on Tanglewood  Drive,  from Webber Street  I discovered a most delightful part of Sarasota. 

 Dell and Jerry’s home is on a part of Tanglewood Drive which “feels” as if it is in the countryside.  It is on the south side, and their back garden slopes down to the Phillipi Creek.  It is a lovely spot.

 The party was excellent, nay superb, even terrific. 

 It was a joy and blessing to help celebrate Jerry’s75th.  It was wonderful to be able to connect and re-connect with friends old and new.

 And the food was terrific – even “over the top”.   I ate more in one evening than I usually eat in two days.

 “So much for my pious intentions for Lent”.  May I be forgiven! 

 But maybe the Jesus of the Gospels does not give a fig for Lent.

 I like to think that he (my Jewish “Saviour”) is all in favour of such humanistic parties.

 To be certain – I had a blast last evening.

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