Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ah well!

There’s nothing like expecting guests to make you realise that your windows haven’t been cleaned in a couple of years, and that your sheer curtains are truly quite dirty.

Ada is a sweet cat, but she decided last night to poop all over her bed. (That’s a good argument against having pets share one’s own bed!) I suspect that Ada had sneaked some of the dog’s food (which she often tries to do), and that it had upset her stomach.

So, I bought one of those micro-fibre dry mops a couple of years ago - ----- the sort where you can take the cloth bit off a plastic template to launder it.  I needed a new cloth mop head, and have been to five stores to get one.  Not a chance.  The mop’s plastic template has been re-designed, and the new replacement cloths won’t fit.  I think that manufacturer’s do this on purpose to make us buy a whole new mop rather than a replacement part.

I am tired of being asked if I will get up early to watch the “royal wedding” on T.V.  I wish that my good friends and neighbours would get it into their heads that not all British born people are fervent monarchists.  The wedding is just about the last thing I would care to view, it’s right down there with conversations with libertarians, or speeches by Donald Trump!

I made various soups during the winter, and froze the leftovers. On discovering that I had six containers of frozen soup in the freezer I decided that this would be soup week.   But I had not labelled the containers. So each evening bring forth a “surprise soup” -  it will be fish soup tonight.

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