Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back again!

I was the rector at four parishes in the episcopal church between July 1976 and June 2006.  That means that I fretted and fussed about the services for thirty maundy thursdays, thirty good fridays, and thirty easter days.

It is good that I fretted and fussed, for my goal was to help enable the very best which was possible in liturgy, music and preaching, in four very different parishes.

I wanted the very best in liturgy, music and preaching.  

I am not so sure that I wanted the very best for G-d’s people who worshipped in those congregations. 

I wonder if I was so concerned with “getting things right” that I lost sight as to the reasons for getting it right – i.e. the praise of G-d and the edification (building up in faith) of G-d’s beloved people in those congregations.

My questions must await the judgement of G-d.

Now, in retirement, I’ve had five maundy thursdays, good fridays and easter days as a retiree.  

Someone else had to fret and fuss about these services.

With that in mind I was at my parish for the simpler services of the season: -  10:00 a.m. on maundy thursday (at which I preached), 7:00 a.m on good friday, and 7:45 a.m. this morning (easter day).

Not everything was to my liking, but that did not matter.  My job was to relax and pray. 

I was able to do that (though not perfectly!)

My beloved Rector will retire on May 15th.  He is a good and holy man. 

He is also as much a fretter and fusser as I ever was!

I pray that within a year or two he will be able to simply relax and pray on our holy days.  It’s been good for me!

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