Monday, 11 April 2011

More about miserable Church (see yesterday's blog)

My grumpy blog entry of yesterday partly reflected what I did in the afternoon after Church.

I hoved over to the New American Theater in St. Petersburg FL, and attended their final performance of “Songs for a New World”.

“Songs for a New World” has lyrics and music by Jason Robert Brown. It was originally produced by the WPA Theatre in New York City back in 1995.  It is an all musical production which contains some 19 songs, each with the theme of a “New World” – understood both literally as the “New World” of the Americas, and symbolically as the “New Worlds” which we each face from day to day.

It’s a show about our hopes, dreams and ambitions.  It’s also a show about our frustrations, limitations and disappointments.

The music has its roots in gospel, jazz, and spirituals.

The lyrics speak very deeply to the human condition of hope and despair.

I found myself to be strangely moved – with joy and tears – as I allowed the production to enter my soul.  It all was delightful, challenging and powerful. 

As I relaxed I was energised.

This new energy contrasted most severely with the entropy of Church earlier in the day.

I was at the show simply because Kevin R Rose has been a lead singer in the St. Boniface Church Choir. He was a star singer and co-Director of “Songs for a New World”.

 Kevin is a fine singer. He is also an uncomplicated human being.  I admire him.

Kevin is leaving St. Boniface Church and the Sarasota area to pursue his musical theatre career “up north”. 
I wanted to honour him by attending his final gig in this area.   I did so, and it was more than worth the drive over to St. Pete.

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