Sunday, 3 April 2011

My letter to our local paper (not yet published)

The “so-called” trial of the Holy Quran, and the subsequent burning of a copy of the book falls within a long religious and political tradition of book-burning, idol bashing, totem hacking and stained glass window smashing.

Pastor Terry Jones in his ignorant, self-serving and provocatively hateful action is but one of those thousands of people throughout history who have destroyed others’ sacred, scientific or political books, and religious artifacts.

The hostile and murderous response by some Afghan people is similarly rooted in ignorance and hatred. It cannot be excused.

Having said that, members of the Islamic community in Manatee and Sarasota counties should know that as a christian who is also a pastor I deplore Jones’s violence against their sacred texts.

I also acknowledge that the christian bible encourages violence and ethnic cleansing. It contains passages about which I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed.

Yours faithfully,

(The Revd) J. Michael Povey.

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