Saturday, 21 May 2011

A christian sceptic's "take" on "the rapture"

(With thanks to my former colleague Bob Ginn. His Facebook posting inspired this screed.  He is not responsible for what I write!)

So, the “rapture” did not happen today (unless I have been hangin’ around with the wrong people and am therefore “left behind” (lol).

I am not sure who is the most stupid in all of this kerfuffle.

Is it Harold Camping, the California pastor who “crunched the numbers” based on Noah’s universal flood (itself unhistorical and mythical)?  (Garbage in – garbage out - as if God’s word is all a matter of numerology).

Is it his sad followers, some of whom liquidated all their assets in preparation for the “great hoax”?  I could feel sorry for them – except that they too have minds, minds which have been closed to history and science, and have been opened to speculation alone.

Or is it the media – press, T.V., blogs, social networks etc -  the list goes on -  who have reported Pastor Camping’s nonsense as if it were somehow “true”?  

Excuse my language, but I am pissed off that so-called reliable news sources such as N.P.R., the New York Times, the B.B.C. and the Guardian would waste a minute of broadcast time or an inch of newsprint on this f-cking nonsense.

I strive to be true to my christian heritage and convictions.  It’s a struggle.  I waver between unbelief and christian agnosticism.  

I move t’wards unbelief when I read “Camping’s Crap” and the serious way in which some christians accept his garbage. 

On the other hand, my “christian agnosticism” leads me to understand that the Kingdom of G-d is already here when humans strive for justice, feed the hungry, welcome the alien, protect the vulnerable etc etc. 

I believe that is what Jesus meant when he said “the kingdom of G-d” is within you” – the “you” being a plural.

That same agnosticism does not look for some magical intervention from the skies to solve all earthly woes.   That’s our task folks.

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