Friday, 13 May 2011

Google Blogger system is back up

"Google Blogger" was down for a couple of days.  The following is what I wrote yesterday, and it will also do for today.

Crows, in my estimation, are “gang birds” or “thug birds”.  They have set up a cell in my neighbourhood, a cell which harasses just about every other bird, smaller or larger.

Crows do not sing.  They squawk. They have inflicted this ghastly squawking upon me so much in recent months that I have come to believe that these unpleasant birds are also members of the “Tea Party”.

A pair of “common or garden” ducks hatched twelve ducklings last week.  Now there are only five.  The hawks, crows and turtles have enjoyed fresh duck meat.  Just as well, or else we’d be overwhelmed by an every expanding duck population.

Two Canada geese seem to have taken up permanent residence.  They are handsome fowl, but their scat is disgusting.

A lonesome pelican has been swooping up and down our pond for the past four hours. Once in a while s/he makes a clumsy dive into the water, and then emerges with a fish. There’s a new definition of fast food for you!

My junior cat, Adelaide, is a talker. She miaows each and every time I walk nearby.  She has also developed “leg rubbing” skills (cat owners will know what I mean).  Her leg rubbing communication skill is augmented with frequent and insistent miaowing, indicating that I should tickle, stroke or smooth her.

Senior cat Ada is the strong silent type.  I rarely hear a peep from her.  But twice a day, as I set out her small ration of wet food she lets out one most pathetic sounding miaow.

I am not sure if she is saying “thank you good lord and master for my breakfast/dinner”, or “it’s about time you fed me, you uncaring human”!

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