Saturday, 14 May 2011

Voyeurs or participants (1)

Back in the day when I was in the wedding business I would always make a polite announcement at the beginning of the liturgy.  It would run something like this:

“Since a wedding is a service of worship, we ask that you do not take photographs during the ceremony.  You are welcome to take photo’s as the wedding party processes at the end of the service”.

I did this for two reasons:  First because it was darn uncomfortable to my eyes to have multiple flashes aimed in my direction.  Second because I wanted the guests to participate in the liturgy, not to merely see it as a photo’ op.

There was always some wise guy uncle who would attempt to ignore my request, but I could just about freeze him in place with my famous stare and glare!

(I allowed the “official photographer to take some candids, with the provision that she or her never moved between me and the wedding party).

I was reminded of all this when I was directed to an NPR piece (thanks Roger Shepard).  I hope that you will read it.

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