Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hey hey for the seventh of May

Johannes Brahms:  German/Austrian composer. May 7th 1806 – April 3rd 1897.

The English poet Robert Browning was born on May 7th in1812.

“Petr Il’yich Tchaikovsy” -  there’s  a wonderful name for you!   This famous Russian composer was born on May 7th 1840.

On May 7th 1901 the famous actor Gary Cooper entered human life in Helena, Montana.

The infamous Argentinean, (Evita) Eva Peron was also a May 7th baby.

Most importantly, our dear mum Evelyn Maud Finch (her birth name) was born this day in 1913 – in Lowestoft, Suffolk, U.K.  Today would have been her 98th birthday, but by the mercy and grace of God she died 9 years ago at aged 89.    Her life had featured many hardships and very many joys.  We were sad when she died.  We were also glad that her passing was peaceful, and that she was well prepared for death.

Mum gave birth to ten children.  One (my sister Sylvia) died in infancy. The remaining nine of us yet live.  Although Mum was “Evelyn Maud” (she hated her middle name), we would often call her “Gert” or “Gertie”.

Coincidentally the two adult children of the late Betty Pusey also gave her the nick-name of “Gertie”.    Betty was the wife of the Revd. Cortland R. Pusey - a retired priest who worked with me at St. Stephen’s in Pittsfield, MA.  Guess what?  Betty (Gertie) Pusey was also born on May 7th.

My former colleague Margaret Quill is also a May 7th child. 

As is the wonderful Anna (Anne) Vincent, a fabulous Pittsfield parishioner, she is now almost blind but she is also filled with joy and hope.  I always telephone her on May 7th.

Rebekah Bjork is a fabulous parishioner at St. James’s, Cambridge, MA.  I am sure that you have already guessed that today is also her birthday.

On this May 7th in the year 2011 the good people of St. Stephen’s, Pittsfield gathered together in a memorial eucharist for the fabulous Phil Desch, who died a week ago at aged 90.  (see my  earlier blogs about Phil).

I  celebrate life and death on every 7th May.

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  1. We sent Phil off in grand style on Saturday. The congregation was large, the choir mustered about 15, we sang good old hymns that Phil had chosen - Nearer My G*d to Thee, and Shall We Gather by the River, etc. -- and a wonderful Easter anthem. A reception followed, with much food and MARTINIs. There was never a better funeral!