Friday, 6 May 2011

Manly men and plumber's crack

I was at Lowes ( ) today with Aldo Bari, a handyman who will work on some cosmetic and decorative improvements to my screened in porch. 

Aldo and I were picking out lumber, beading, insulation, and laminates for the work he will do.

Lord above, did I feel like a manly man!

I am (as my Dad would have said) “cack-handed” when it comes to tools, DYI, materials etc.  Ne’er mind -  Aldo was the expert, and I was there to make sage comments, to choose styles, to load the store cart, and to pay the bill.

But as I said above “I felt like a manly man”.

I wished that I’d been wearing a tool belt so that other shoppers could have resonated with my DYI skills.

On the other hand, had I been wearing such a belt I probably would have revealed a bit of “plumber’s crack”, and thereby be recognised by other friends who could have been in Lowes today.

(There’s a bit of wry humour here which I’ll leave you to discern!)

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