Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Diane Rehm Show

One of the finest programmes on America’s NPR (National Public Radio) is the “Diane Rehm Show” out of WAMU and NPR.

Diane is a superb interviewer and interlocutor.  She is fantastically honest and balanced in the questions she asks of her guests.  She has a great skill in teasing out honest answers.

It is wondrous that Diane Rehm (aged 73) still has a broadcasting career given her health history (see more about this on the website).

Diane never comes across as an ideological feminist (not that such a position is wrong -  we need many more feminists in the public realm).

YET I am always delighted to hear the list of the producers of her show, viz: Sandra Pinkhart, Nancy Robertson, Susan Nabors, Denise Couture, Monique Nazareth, and Sarah Ashworth.

What a delight it is to listen to a programme which is hosted by a woman, and produced by six other women!

It’s a vital, necessary, and important counter balance to the testosterone driven world of news and communications.

Yeah for Diane and her staff!

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