Friday, 24 June 2011

Breaking the rules

1.     Four weeks ago I enabled my nephew (Sam aged 15) to break the rules.  I did so my allowing him to “drive” our rented Jet Ski/ Wave Runner.

The rules state that that drivers should be aged at least 16, and/or have taken a course in boating safety.

My heart/intuition told me that Sam is a very sensible and reliable young man; and that he needed a few minutes of freedom, adventure and bliss.

2. Our County, City, and Condo Association rules state that dogs must be leashed at all times when they are outside.  These are sensible rules: they are designed to enable the safety of the dogs, and the safety of humans.

Notwithstanding the wisdom of the “dog leash laws” I occasionally take Penne off her leash, and then delight as she races and bounds around. I did so earlier this evening.

It was I who enabled first a nephew, and then a pet, to live outside the rules.

And it was I who was willing to take the responsibility if things went wrong.

I believe that the loving G-d longs for us to act freely even if we break her/his rules, provided that:

 (a) (We) are willing to take responsibility for our own rule breaking, and that

(b) (We) are willing to take responsibility for any harm caused by our actions

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