Monday, 6 June 2011

In the midst of lfe we are in death

1.         It’s been overcast all day (June 6th 2011) here in SRQ.  I/we’d hoped for rain, but there has been not a drop.

2.        “Scottie” Jacobs is one of my neighbours. She “celebrated?”  her 98th birthday yesterday at a party to which I was invited.  It was a gentle and lovely time.  But dammit, I do not wish to live another 31 years until I reach her current age.

3.    I’ll be happy to pass from this life sometime between now and my 75th birthday.

4.   Jeanne and Eugene Beekley are my near neighbours.   Eugene has been a Pastor in the “Church of the Brethren”, and a USAF Chaplain.  He passed from this life a couple of days ago at aged 93.  I plan to attend his funeral service.

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