Wednesday, 6 July 2011

As I walked out

Laurie Lee was a fabulous author from the village of Slad in Gloucestershire, U.K. 

The village of Slad is right next to the town of Stroud, which in turn is not far from my home City of Bristol.

You can read more about Laurie Lee at

His book “Cider with Rosie” is a minor classic - well worth the read. Do buy it, borrow it, or download it on “Kindle”.

Do the same for his other superb book “As I walked out”.

As “I walk out” (five or six times a day) with my beloved pooch “Penne” I pray.

I pray for so many folks whose lives are engaged with sickness, sadness, tragedy and joy.

I do not know how best to pray for them.  I am not that wise.

So I simply “lift their names” to the Holy One.  

I say “Lord be with (n) and (n) and (n)

That’s the best that I can do “as I walk out”.

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