Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jim Crow lives again. From the words of a Mayor in Alabama

In a recent letter to our local paper I wrote that the recent immigration laws in AZ, AL, and GA, and the new voter registration laws in FL might be suggestive of three (loaded) words “Jim Crow Redivivus”

The public responded to my letter with a stunning silence!  

That’s all except for one reader of the paper who tracked down my e-mail address and offered his three words to me: “Stupid F-cking Preacher”.

My instincts regarding a revival of the “Jim Crow” sentiment may well be on beam.  This morning (5th July 2011) I listened to the B.B.C. World Service programme called “News Hour”.  

  The programme included a story from Albertville, Alabama, and the reactions of the local law enforcement leaders, and the Mayor – one Lindsey Lyons to the new “draconian” laws in Alabama regarding undocumented immigrants.

Albertville is the home of “several poultry plants”  (the B.B.C. words) which evidently hire undocumented and/or documented immigrants.

Of these plants Mayor Lyons said that they should “pay a living wage to white Americans”.

To “white Americans”?:-   That’s what he said. 

 I ask:-   are there no black, hispanic or native Americans in Albertville?

His comments bolster my case that “Jim Crow lives again”.
You can hear his words for yourself by first going to


Next click on Newshour.

Then go to the programme for 5th July 2011.  The Albertville story starts at about 36 minutes.

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