Thursday, 21 July 2011

The "Christian Right" - America's Taliban.

In a recent blog entry I asserted that the “Tea Party” and “Religious Right” gangs are not nice people.  I stand by that assertion.

Those who deny the rights of women to make their own choices regarding reproductive health are not nice.  In fact they are oppressors.

The denial of the full rights of women may well be the debased currency of the Taliban, of the corrupt Saudi regime, and of ghastly men in such places as Somalia.

But those denials goes against all the heritages of democratic(?) nations such as the U.S.A.

They go against all that is inherent in our (U.S.A.) Declaration of Independence; Constitution; and Bill of Rights.

I have come to believe that the extreme right / christian fundamentalist/roman catholic agenda is a threat to all our freedoms.   

I know that their agenda is dangerous for the health, welfare, and freedom of women.

Indeed I think of the religious right in the U.S.A. as “America’s Taliban”.

This oppression has been on my mind all day.  It was strengthened when I was alerted ( via Facebook and my friend Susan R, to an entry via "Media Matters".

Should you be tempted to “write my concerns” off, please first connect with the following.

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