Monday, 29 August 2011


It was ten years ago today that our Mum passed from this life.

She was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk (U.K.) on May 7th 1913, and died in Severn Beach, Bristol , U.K. on August 29th 2001.

She was called Evelyn Maud Finch until she married our Dad, when she became Evelyn Maud Povey.  After Dad's death she re-married and became Evelyn Maud Woolcock.

But we all called her "Mum", (and teased her by calling her Maud).

Mum gave birth to ten children, one of whom, our sister Sylvia, died soon after birth. 

The nine of us who grew up remember our Mum as a classy woman.

We respect and admire the amazing way in which she raised nine children -  it was an exhausting business.  We are so grateful for her life, love and example.  We do not grieve for she was ready to die.

But of course we still miss her and think of her often.

This photo' was taken a matter of weeks before her death.

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