Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hurricane Irene's aftermath

I ranted a bit the other day on the media "frenzy of speculation" as Hurricane Irene moved up the eastern coast of the United States.

What I failed to note is that the popular media thought the story was "over" once Irene had crossed New York City, and had been "downgraded"  to a "tropical storm".

That under-rated "tropical storm" still packed a punch, especially in parts of western Massachusetts (my old stomping ground); in parts of upstate New York;  and especially in Vermont.

It was not only the media.

 "John Q Public"  (a.k.a.  Michael Povey) also  had  a bit of amnesia about his friends in Vermont.  But two days ago I began to worry about my dear friend and colleague the Revd. Diane Root and her (equally dear to me) partner Margaret Campbell, who live in Killington, Vermont.

Their 'phone was dead for a couple of days, but I was able to reach them today.  They are safe and sound.

Fortunately they had stocked up on groceries the day before the storm  (n.b.  their nearest Supermarket is 15 miles away).

They were without electricity for three days  (no electricity = no tap water) but their good neighbour Tim was able to supply them with good water from a spring on his land. ( We forget how many Americans are dependent on spring or well water -  it does not all come via the City or County).

They tell me that many of the roads in their neck of the woods are still impassible.

Diane told me that the under-reported story is that "there are good stories, Neighbors  helping neighbors. Local contractors and excavators repairing  local   driveways and roads for free - putting in untold hours without expectation of pay.  It's amazing and wonderful"

Diane added: "thank you for calling - helped make our day"

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