Sunday, 14 August 2011

Name association game

In a spare ten minutes this afternoon I thought about the men who have been President since I moved to the United States.

Then “off the top of my head” I came up with words and phrases which came to my mind for each of them.  This was neither an intellectual nor an analytical exercise. I  did not revise or hone what I had written.

It might be fun if some of my readers did a similar exercise, for U.S. Presidents or for U.K. Prime Ministers.  Please post what you come up with.

Remember please -  this is not for analysis or critique.

If you post directly to my blog I will publish what you submit.  Or you can reply with a “note” on Facebook.

Jimmy Carter: 

A bit of a policy wonk.
Maybe a micro-manager.
Sounded preachy.
Right instincts, wrong sound-bites.
High interest rates.
Iranian hostage crisis.
Successful Panama Canal Treaty.

Ronald Reagan:

Believed his own rhetoric.
Careless with the facts.
Stupid invasion of Grenada.
Cut and run from Lebanon.
Good speechwriters.

George H.W. Bush.

Genuine WWII hero.
A bit “daffy”.
Whiney voice.
Never “got” the mood of the country.

Bill Clinton.

Fast learner.
Very intelligent/smart.
Never a genuine liberal.
Deep empathy for and understanding of minorities.
“Don’t ask, don’t tell” fiasco.
Sexual predator.

George W Bush.

Slick operator.
Puppet for his vice-President Cheney.
Two un-necessary wars.
A rascal and con-artist.

Barack H Obama.

Strangely detached.
Seems devoid of emotions/empathy.
Smart, but few political smarts.
The lesser of other evils.

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