Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why in the world did I move to Florida? (1)

Why in the world did I move to Florida?  It’s a regressive State. 

Our primitively minded Governor has now declared war on liberal arts education.

He believes that the only college or university degrees which should be supported by the taxpayer’s monies are those which lead to jobs or to entrepreneurship.

This small minded man has no appreciation of the quality of life. He needs to understand that the good life is not all about jobs. 

Essential to that good life is art, music, theatre, poetry, literature, philosophy, historical awareness, dance, and environmental concern (to name but a few of the “essentials”).

I am all in favour of jobs and of entrepreneurship.  But God save us from Governor Rick “Tiny Mind” Scott who seems to think that the sole purpose of education is to produce drones.

There are many good reasons why I moved to Florida.  I like my adopted State. 

But I refuse to accept the Scott doctrine which equates education with vocation.


  1. I graduated from Merritt Is. H.S. in 1966 and except for 3 1/2 years in the Navy have since that time have lived in Kansas. My parents helped start Gloria Dei which has since left TEC.I'm guessing your boorish governor is basically a libertarian who doesn't want to pay for anything, including education. He probably knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.I say hang in there and remember all of the great art that the church has produced (and paid for). A favorite part of a trip to Italy last year was being "mooned" by God in the Sistine Chapel. There are too many cheap old farts in Florida. Don't be one of them. Non illegitimati carborundum est. Vashti

  2. I can proudly say I didn't vote for Gov. Voldemort. Pink Slip Rick! Hey, a redhead can dream....

    And yes, I'm a redheaded, brown eyed (brown eyed redheads are quite rare) Northern transplant to FL. I stay inside a lot with the blinds drawn. ;)