Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why in the world did I move to Florida? (2)

Why in the world did I move to Florida? 

Humans with fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes (that’s me) are particularly vulnerable to “Actinic Keratoses” - (rough edged, dry, scaly patches on the skin).  Actinic Keratoses”  are the most common precursor in the development of skin cancer.

Back in Massachusetts I would see a Dermatologist about once a year. Upon moving to Florida I upped this frequency to twice a year, and after nearly five and a half years in the sun, I now get checked out three times a year.  

How foolish I was to move here!  Folks with my genetic heritage should live in Sweden or Norway ... now there’s a thought!

When I saw my Dermatologist last Monday my face and neck were fairly well beaten up.  Come to think of it, this probably happened because I was involved in a lot of out of doors activities when my brother and nephew visited in late May/early June.

But don’t blame them.  I was the one who was careless about covering up and using sun screen.

So now I am lined up for “Photodynamic Blue Light Therapy” -  the latest and reputed most efficacious treatment.  Next Wednesday I’ll trek to my Doctor’s office where the damaged places on my face and neck will be dabbed with a medication called Levulan.  There’ll then be a break of between one and three hours -  the estimated time it takes for the damaged cells to absorb the solution.

Next -  (and the precision here cracks me up) I will sit under a blue-light machine for exactly sixteen minutes and forty seconds.  (How did they figure that time out).

Treatment over I’ll be allowed to drive home (wearing a broad brimmed hat and a scarf) -  but then I cannot go outside, sit by a window or sit under bright indoor lighting for the next 48 hours.  

That’ll be test of my resolve.

Penne will go to her dog sitter for those two days  (shush – don’t breath a word -  I haven’t told her about this!), whilst I lay low. 

I am to preach on the following Sunday, so I’ll have plenty of home time for sermon prep.

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