Sunday, 13 November 2011

On Not Waltzing Matilda

I had planned a party for today (13th November 2011).  

I'd called it the “Back from Down under Party”, a celebration of a trip to Australia.

But because of the shut-down of the Australian Airline (QANTAS) last month (as a result of the stupid actions of an anti-Union Qantas CEO) I was not able to take the trip. 

It will take place later.

But I did not cancel the party.  I re-named it a “Not Back from Australia Party” and hosted it after all. 

For you see, to get fourteen of my Sarasota friends in one place at one time is all but impossible.

Receiving fourteen acceptances and not one regret is little short of miraculous.

It was a lovely party with wine, liquor and soft drinks for every taste and need; together with chips and dips, “chex mix” munchies, mixed roasted nuts, good crackers and three fancy cheeses. 

I used plastic cups and paper plates, so clean-up was easy.

Of my fourteen guests, seven were female and seven male.

Twelve of them were couples, straight and gay. 

Two were singles.

My cats rejoiced in all the attention (even though the normally docile Ada skipped out when both my front doors were open, and then shot back in, like a ball out of a cannon when I re-opened a door 30 minutes later). (I think that she was shocked to find herself outside!).

Penne was so good.  At first she was bewildered at the invasion of 14 homo-sapiens, and then she basked at their attention.

And I was so happy to have these good folks in my home.  I and they relaxed, had some good beverages and nibbles, and simply enjoyed each other’s company.

(The big news is that I relaxed).

We ended the party with a rousing rendition of “Waltzing Matilda”.

I end this post with a sense of gratitude for a lovely evening with such good people.

I amaze myself by being able to host a party without stress or strain, and with gratitude for my fourteen guests (only one of whom I knew before I moved to Florida in 2006).

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